Nested doors connecting each of the patient rooms in one of the old tubercular wards at Mayview State Hospital, just outside of Pittsburgh, at sunrise.  These doors would presumably allow greater airflow through the building, considered an important part of the treatment of tuberculosis.  Unfortunately, most of this asylum campus was demolished within weeks of this photograph being taken.

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"skype is a useful tool for keeping in touch with your loved ones"



Rider’s episode

I like the message, ”Maybe he knows what he can and can’t do better than any of us.” —Clawd

Rider is so over the top omg =D



When a trans person tells you it’s okay for mistakenly using the wrong name or pronouns, it means the instance is forgiven or dismissed and the conversation can move on. In reality, it still hurts but we say it’s okay because we understand you are making an effort to get it right. This is not an invitation to stop making that effort. You are not the exclusion to the rule.

me making decisions in video games: *thoroughly researches consequences, reads multiple walkthroughs, explores every other course of action in detail*
me making decisions in real life: well what's the worse that could happen


Some of y’all are complaining that Rider is winning the poll for the wrong reasons. They’re all going to be dolls, most likely, but the problem is that last time there was a poll, two of them were SDCC releases. That’s a big problem when we want representation.

Is it nice to have an exclusive doll? Hell yeah. But I and many other people want Rider to be a doll because kids with disabilities could see him and be delighted. If Rider becomes a doll, he should be widely distributed so everyone can buy him. He shouldn’t be hoarded by those privileged enough to fly to a convention, or sold on eBay by scalpers for 200-300 bucks.

That’s the real worry here.


all genders are made up
genders were not there from the birth of existence they were created by society . so if you make fun of “made up genders” you are making fun of every gender just fyi


"offended? i don’t care."

"i’m not going to tag your fake ‘triggers’ so don’t ask."

"i’m not going to call you by your made-up cutesy ‘pronouns’ :)"



teacher: tell the class a bit about yourself